Paul Szumilewicz, The FA National Futsal Series Managing Director, shares his thoughts on returning to the court.

I am sure the last 12 months have been some of the toughest professionally and personally for many us. Futsal, like so many other things in our lives, has not been immune from the impact.

I truly hope that the hardest times are behind us and I am full of excitement at the return of futsal in England.

The NFS Board and League Management Committee have done, and continue to do, so much work in the background. It remains our ongoing objective to lead the development of futsal in England to new heights at the elite level of the men’s and women’s competitions. The new partnerships with FreeSports and YouTube will be crucial to raising the profile of our game. This brand new website will provide a digital focal point for English futsal. The National Futsal Series / Summer Showdown will set a new standard for competitive futsal in this country.

We are steadfast in; raising the standard of the game for all to benefit; reaching new and diverse audiences; working with new partners; driving youth development; running the competition in a professional and transparent way; and working with our clubs and stakeholders.

There are some exciting developments to come in a number of these areas. Crucially, we have a broad, diverse and experienced Board and LMC team – the likes of which has never been seen before. We’re driving development in the right way, with the right people and with the right values. So, let’s get back on the court, work together and play!