On the back of a draw and a win to start the season, Worcester enter their third game week hoping to keep their two-game unbeaten streak going. Meanwhile, London Bloomsbury who have had an even better start look to keep their winning form against the tenacious wolves.

A win for each team here would be extremely helpful later on, as the competition continues to heat up and each point becomes invaluable.

The Tier 1 game kicked off at the Walsall Campus for the second time this season.

For Bloomsbury, this was a chance to get further ahead of their rivals London Helvecia, after a dramatic win in their last game against each other in week 2 of the National Futsal Series. Despite the obvious quality of the Bloomsbury team, Worcester’s Wolves entered the game with their heads held high and game faces on, ready to cause an upset. Objectively speaking, a win was well within the reach of either team.

True to Coach Pete Vallance’s words in the pre-match interview, Worcester were relentless with their high-press and forward thinking play. Any other team may have crumbled under the pressure however Bloomsbury played it cool with accurate passing and off-the-ball movement to maintain possession.

Worcester looked as tense as they did calm. Clearly, they came mentally prepared for this match against the league leaders.

The Wolves overloaded Bloomsbury, with their goalkeeper also adding to the attack, to create back to back goal scoring opportunities. Soon enough they would come to rue the chances not taken.

Sometimes you can know exactly what is about to happen but still be unable to stop it. That is how the passing ability of Bloomsbury put their first goal of the day into the net with a great piece of play. Frustration began to set in as Worcester then went 2 goals down in the first half.

Slowly though, Worcester found their feet in the game, but Denerson was dictating the play for his side with pinpoint passing. Just before the end of the first half, Worcester claim a goal back through a penalty kick scored by Sam Curwen.

In the second half Bloomsbury put a third goal in to make the score 3-1. Credit to Worcester because despite being 2 goals down against arguably the best team in the country, they continued to press on.

The game eventually finished 7-2 to Bloomsbury, with some great performances on each side. Particularly Denerson Moreira from Bloomsbury and Dylan Malpas From Worcester who showed great bravery and made some brilliant saves in the first half to keep his side in it.

Written by Peter Meshioye